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RECC & Coronavirus

Greetings RECC family!
The world is a crazy place right now … and amidst all the craziness, I hope and pray you are well.

The latest updates to what is happening (and what is not) can be found by clicking on the link for issues of our eNewsletter. The gist is that we are not hosting any on-site events at this time. We continue to livestream our Sunday Morning Worship Service and I invite you to join us on Facebook live. We will be live-streaming our services throughout the month of April. We are also making our Sunday School curriculum available to families. As we are not allowed to post the links to our website (per the publisher's instructions) you must subscribe to our eNewsletter to receive the links.

You can “tune-in” to Facebook on Sunday morning at 10:10am and we will be live-streaming the service. What will that look like? We will do some music … I’ll make a few announcements … we’ll still do an offering (you can give online) … we’ll pray … and there will be a message. Pastor Kecia will also do a short children's message during the service. We’ll start the actual service at 10:15am as normal, but we’ll start broadcasting at 10:10 so people can tune-in and get set up. Please like and share our Facebook page. We are posting the services as events to make it easier to "tune in." Click HERE to go to our Facebook page.
Three quick things …
First, the music. There are a couple options here … one is you could just watch and listen. But let’s be honest … that’s not worship. Or you could gather around your screen, lift up your voices with me and worship our amazing God … we will all being doing it together … just not in the same place. I could see families gathered around their phone or computer worshiping God. Certainly not the same as all being together … but we can still worship! We will have words on the screen which you’ll be able to see just like being here.

Second, about the offering. If you have never given online, now is the time to try it. It is really quite painless and secure. Simply click on this link which will take you to our website giving page. You can either give as a guest (meaning you won’t create an account) or you can create an account. The benefits of creating an account (which I would recommend) are many. You are in complete control of your giving. You can give a one-time donation. You can create a recurring donation that happens automatically. You can modify your recurring donation any time you want. You can log in and see your online giving history. Note, the online history will only reflect what you actually give online. It will not show donations given by check on a Sunday morning. If you always give online, you will always have access to your entire giving history and can print that information whenever it is needed for tax or other purposes. If you decide to do this, I would recommend creating your account ahead of time so you are ready to make your offering on Sunday morning. Of course, you can donate at any time, but if is meaningful for you to actually do that during the actual offering on Sunday morning, then you’re all set to go. If you have any questions about setting up an account, feel free to contact me.

Third, tech stuff. Brandon Prothero, who has been great to help us with all this tech stuff, has agreed to be a resource if you need help getting Facebook set up. You can contact him at  or 218.209.2007. But please DON’T wait until Sunday morning to connect with him. Try to get your tech stuff all set up ahead of time.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. And if you know of someone who needs help with other things … getting groceries or medicines … please let me know. 
This post is about mechanics and logistics. But we must not lose sight of the fact that we serve a great and mighty God! And that is the most important thing to remember during these most unusual times. The circumstances of the world have changed, but God has not. I hope you’ll join us for the service on Sunday morning.
Pastor Steve 

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