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Trustee Board Update - November 2016

11.02.16 | Church Boards | by Rob Stroot

Trustee Board Update - November 2016

    An update from the Trustee Board

    Update from the Trustee Board 

    This past year has been relatively quiet regarding the building and grounds. Early last spring we had some issues with the septic mound system that caused some concern with the facilities. We attacked it quickly and developed a method of ‘getting us by’ until the frost left the ground. Since then, we have had no issues.

    Horner Plumbing has been on site to review the situation for us and determined it might be one of a couple different root causes: a frozen float that kept the pump from operating properly or a disruption in proper drain pipe slopes due to ground heaving from the frost and/or settling of the building. After some attempt to prove out the latter theory, it was determined that the only means of fixing this situation (if it indeed is a problem) would be to dig up the drainage pipes and reset them. We have opted not to take that action at this time as it comes with a big expense and some risk. Instead, we’re going to monitor it through another winter season. If we continue to have problems, we will have to tear into it.

    Unexpected maintenance was needed on the vehicles as well. The bus generated a bad head gasket, which needed to be replaced, and the van’s transmission went out, which also needed to be replaced. Total cost for both these repairs was near $6,000. The bus is in the process of getting fixed this month.

    It is budget time for us again. At our September congregational meeting, we discussed some important budget items. Through September, we have been operating at about $800/week below budget in giving. With that said, we are only $2,700 in the red on our budget year to date as expenses are down as well. We will continue to monitor this situation closely but will need to work through a detailed plan to keep this balance healthy for 2017. Next year, we will plan to manage our general savings at a level 25% of our operating budget. We believe this will be a healthy level of savings to protect ourselves for any kind of emergency expenses that might crop up.

    On behalf of Todd, Mark, Pr. Joe, Dennis, Tanner, Sheldon, Paul, and myself, I would like to send a big ‘Thank You!’ for helping keep our building and equipment clean and in good working order.
    God Bless,
    Rob Stroot, Trustee Board Chair