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Trustee Board Update - April 2015

04.01.15 | Church Boards | by Rob Stroot

Trustee Board Update - April 2015

    An introduction to and update on the Trustee Board.

    What does the Trustee Board do?

    The Trustee Board has two basic responsibilities: manage the budget; and own responsibility for the building, vehicles and grounds.

    The budget is managed on an annual basis which begins in January and ends in December. The Church Treasurer is a member of the Trustee Board who helps develop the annual budget and maintains receipts and payments throughout the year. This includes things like managing payroll, paying utilities and insurance, handling office equipment expense along with vehicle and maintenance equipment expense. It also includes tracking the weekly offerings and distributing giving statements as required.

    Trustee Board members also assist the Treasurer each week in counting the offerings as a second set of eyes to help assure accuracy and integrity when handling the money.

    As members of the Trustee Board, we are also responsible for maintaining the church building and grounds. Some of you may not know this, but our church owns property that stretches from gravel to gravel on the East and West sides, and extends North from Highway 11 about 750 feet. So aside from mowing the yard, we also keep the fields mowed on the west and north sides of the church. In addition to mowing there are several other maintenance requirements such as keeping the weeds down, picking up the springtime litter, landscaping, shoveling snow in the winter and keeping the playground in good shape.

    The building has many needs of its own. The Trustees are considered the “handymen” of the church. We are responsible for the structure as well as proper operation of all the utilities within the church such as water, electrical, lighting and heat. We have also done several special jobs in the church such as siding and roofing repair after a harsh winter, building shelves in the library, repairing the parking lot and replacing the accordion door between the fellowship hall and the sanctuary. These are just a few of the bigger jobs that we’ve been part of recently. If you see something that needs to be repaired, we have a “to do” list in the copy machine room hanging next to the bulletin board. Feel free to write down the issue and one of us will see that it gets fixed. 

    We also oversee the maintenance and proper operation of the bus and the van. To date, this situation has been working well and the vehicles have not needed much more than normal vehicle care. They don’t get a lot of use in the winter, but in the summer they make several trips back and forth to Bluewater Covenant Bible Camp. We do have a checkout policy for the van so if you’re ever in need of using the van for a church function, please see one of us and we can help. In addition to these vehicles, we also have the riding lawnmowers and lawn equipment that we keep in working condition.

    Current members of the Trustee Board include:

    • Rob Stroot – Chair
    • Todd Peterson – Treasurer
    • Sheldon Espe – Worship Committee delegate
    • Jon Helgeson – Nominating Committee delegate
    • Mark Tangen – Pastoral Relations Committee delegate
    • Wade Hruby
    • Tanner Hovda
    • Paul Krahn

    The committee delegates attend periodic meetings for the respective functions and represent the Trustees. In a nutshell, we are here to serve and keep things functioning around the church as you would expect. If you have any questions or thoughts as to what we could do differently, please feel free to contact one of us and share!

    Your Trustee Board Chair,

    Rob Stroot